Which loop should I get?!?!

Which loop should I get?!?!

Which loop should I get?!?!

We get this question quite often. A goal of ours has always been to make sure that if we offer a product there is a reason for the product. Therefore, while we do have multiple options for loops, they are not without their purpose.

If you have been eyeing one of our loops for a while, but have been unsure which to get, this article is for you! Below we guide you through the purpose of each loop and why we developed it.


The Alpha Classic

This loop is the base model Honda Civic of the Alpha loops. It's ready to go 350,000 miles with nothing but routine maintenance...but you may need to roll the window down manually.

This loop is the descendent of the OG Biothane loop made available to the public in 2013. 

With the classic, you get a solid Biothane loop without the fancy upgrades. It is 21'' and features a stainless steel slider and a scissor snap-hook.

If you are looking for a basic work-horse that will go the distance, this is the loop to get if you are on a budget.

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The Shorty

The Shorty is the base model Honda Civic, yet, if it were a 2 seater, Steve Urkel looking car.

We had a lot of groomers that specialize in smaller dogs request a shorter and thinner version of the classic. We released it for the first time at Hershey in 2019 and sold out!

This loop is 15'' long and uses a slightly thinner Biothane material that is more friendly for working with those tiny pets. It comes with the stainless steel slider and scissor snap-hook found on the Classic.

And yes, it will still work for the big dogs too!


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This is the Cadillac/Mercedes/Lexus (take your pick) with all the bells and whistles.

The AXL is the loop you want if you think you'll need backup going into war with the Doodles!! The goal here was to provide strength! 

At 21'' long, this loop features a proprietary buckle designed specifically for Biothane. The metal sliders on all of our loops work well enough to hold an animal in place, but we added the buckle to provide extra-tension and security. We also added a fixed o-ring for those who use a stabilizer and stitched everything together with a heavy-duty stitching. The snap-hook is a propriety stainless steel snap that was designed for a beating. However, if it ever needs replacing, it can be easily swapped out via a screw the detaches the loop from the snap. That way you don't have to purchase a whole new loop if the snap goes out.


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The AXL Show

This is the Lamborghini that can take the trophy in a race, but really you just like to show off at cruise-ins.

This loop is the standard 21'' and features a thinner, light-weight Biothane with a propriety stainless steel cam-lock.

The purpose for this loop was to bring our reliability and our unique grooming-equipment mindset into the competition and show arenas. Many of our beloved friends and customers wanted to have the ability to use our loops in competition, but were unable to due to the material thickness of our other loops. That is where the Show came in.

Can it stand up to the heavy-duty use of every day grooming? Absolutely! But this is for all the show and competition people out there. You spoke and we listened!


AXL Show

Allison Sebastian X Alpha Collab AXL Show

Groom Haus X Alpha Collab AXL Show


In Conclusion

All of the loops are easily sanitized, water-proof, stink proof, and more chew resistant than traditional grooming loops. We are certain that regardless of the choice you make, you will have a loop you can rely on.

But, just like cars, sometimes things happen regardless of the reputation they may hold. And because of that, all of our loops come with our standard warranty. 

  • 1 Year Coverage on the hardware
  • 30 Days Chew-Through Coverage; one replacement (Buyer Pays Shipping)

We hope this newsletter was helpful. We never want to be anything other than an asset to your grooming business and career. That is the sole purpose of Alpha Grooming Products.

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