Website Terms & Conditions

Alpha Grooming Products is committed to serving our customers by offering innovative products and superior customer service that surpasses our competition. This “Terms & Conditions” policy contains the various practices that keep us operating in the most efficient and trustworthy manor possible throughout the numerous interaction we have with our customers. Each and every transaction that is made between you (the customer) and Alpha Grooming Products, whether through our website or through any other means available (phone, fax, email, mail, in-person) will be guided by the directives this policy outlines, unless noted separately on your order and approved by Alpha Grooming Products Management.

Please take a few moments to read over the various sections below. We’ll try to keep you entertained while you read by using somewhat witty language and throwing in a few jokes. We will also make it as legible as possible by omitting all the “big lawyer words”.

Orders & Billing

If you place an order with us (Alpha Grooming Products) either through our snazzy new website or through the telephone, your credit card information will be immediately processed via PayPal, unless otherwise specified and approved in writing by our management. There are some instances where products are available by special-order only, and alternative means of billing may be used. But for most stocked products, we will bill your credit card upon placement of the order.

We don’t normally allow orders to be processed for products in which we have no stock, however, we still reserve the right to immediately bill your order regardless of available stock. We may do this in order to reserve inventory for your order upon receiving an anticipated incoming stock shipment.

Orders are fulfilled in the order they were received and billed (first come, first serve). Even our favorite cousins and once-removed aunties have to wait their turn.

Sales & Quotes

The following options are available in which to order from Alpha:

  • Online –
  • In person at grooming trade shows.
  • Email – (we’ll have to call you back to process the order and receive payment)
  • Handwritten Note strapped to a domesticated, friendly beaver left at our doorstep.

If the Ship To and Bill To addresses you provide are not identical, please allow up to 3 additional days for your order to process. Alpha Grooming Products must verify all orders with different or conflicting Bill To/Ship To addresses to help prevent fraudulent activities. If fraudulent activity is found, we’ll send “Big Mike” to both addresses to straighten out this problem, or contact the rightful authorities. Will more than likely be the second option, but that depends on our mood that day.

In consideration of stock, any item that shows stock availability on our website is considered an “in-stock” item. Upon order, as stated above, we will immediately bill your credit card, and hold a full deposit for these items until you receive them.

If you have questions about our various products, pricing, availability or shipping, please contact one of our customer service professionals. The CS rep can recommend products based on your needs, email you an itemized quote (complete with shipping and any applicable taxes), tell you a knock-knock joke, and even process the order with your approval (well…not all of them know a good knock-knock joke). Once you approve the quotation via telephone, or submit an order via our website, your order then enters the “processing stages” and the order will then fall under our Return Policies should you for some crazy reason decide to cancel.

While Alpha Grooming Products may assist you in selecting the right product and placing your order, you (the customer) are ultimately responsible for ensuring all information found on your order is correct. It is your responsibility to ensure these products will work for your specific application & to ensure product compatibility.
If any changes need to be made to your order you must contact Alpha Grooming Products within 24 hours or before your order is billed for processing.

If for some reason our warehouse elves forget how to count and your order contains items that are currently out of stock, we will hold a full deposit on your order and ship it once that product hits our warehouse shelf. As stated earlier, we normally do not allow orders of products we don’t have stock of, so this situation is unlikely to happen without some type of error.

If you have a deposit with us for a specific order, please be assured that you will receive your product(s) as soon as we are able to ship it.

Payment Options

Alpha Grooming Products is currently utilizing PayPal as our primary form of payment solution, which will allow you to pay safely and securely with most widely-recognized credit card platforms (including Visa, MasterCard. Discover, and American Express). You can also send payment by check or money order. We apologize that we cannot accept the acclaimed and undervalued “Iraqi Dinar” in expectation of it exploding in value (and us thereby becoming extremely wealthy from one small transaction), but management wouldn’t allow it when we brought it up in our last meeting (If you didn’t get this joke, you should look it up).

Please be advised, if you send a check or money order as form of payment, this may extend the timeframe in which your order is processed, as we must validate payment and ensure funds are available before shipping out your order. If your check is returned as insufficient funds, your order will be canceled and you will be notified. If your check or money order is suspected of being fraudulent by our financial institution, we will contact the proper authorities to investigate (or send out Big Mike, depending on our mood that day).

Gift Certificates

Have a professional groomer or veterinarian in your family or circle of friends? Starting mid-2014, you’ll be able to pick them up an Alpha Grooming Products gift card (woohoo!). Though currently not available (awe), this feature will be added in the near future, and documentation will be provided in this section of the terms of service.

Backorder or Delayed Shipping Policy

Our website is currently setup to prevent people from ordering items that we do not have stock of, and we generally do not like the idea of backordering products. However, like we said earlier, some cases may arise in which backordering is the only option, and the process mentioned below is how the order is fulfilled.

In the instance a product you’ve ordered is unexpectedly backordered or you shipment is somehow delayed due to stock issues, you will be alerted via email of the delay. On this email, you will find as estimated shipping date. We will try our best to get your backordered product in your hands as quickly as possible if this situation ever occurs. We may also choose to fire someone in the warehouse for their inept counting skills – here’s looking at you, Herbie! (Just kidding….we don’t even have a Herbie in our warehouse)

Special Order Products and Customized Items

What exactly are Special Order Products and Customized Items?

  • Special Order Items are defined as any item that we normally don’t stock, or items that have lead times greater than “available to ship same or next business day”.
  • Custom Items are defined as any item that is customizable (buyer selected specific item options) and/or manufactured for buyers specific use.

Upon placing an order for these type of products, Alpha Grooming Products will immediately bill your credit card (or invoice you depending on the product) and hold a full deposit for these items, unless other arrangements are made by Alpha’s management, and such arrangements are approved in writing. Returns, Exchanges or Cancellation of these type of items are normally not allowed, and will carry a 25-50% restocking fee if such item is deemed returnable by management.

Special-Order and Custom items cannot be cancelled. Many items once ordered are created especially for you, and our manufacturing facility cannot cancel your order once they begin production. If your item was customizable (buyer selected specific item options) and manufactured for your specific use the item will carry a minimum 50% return fee if allowed to be returned by management.

Cancellation Policy

If you wish to cancel your order, you must attempt to do so before your order is billed & processed. Most orders are billed & processed within 1 hour of submitting. Once the order has been processed and payment has been accepted, your order falls under the return/cancellation policy and is subject to a 10% cancellation fee.

Cancellations must be confirmed by a member of Alpha Grooming Products’ management team. If a cancellation request is not sent in enough time to be confirmed by an Alpha Grooming Products manager before shipment has been made, the customer is responsible for all return shipping fees that may incur if they wish to return the product. Shipments in transit are not able to be canceled

All orders for custom/specially fabricated products may not be canceled or returned.
Buyer shall have no right to order or demand any changes or modifications to any product or service they have previously ordered, or to cancel any order without Alpha Grooming Products’s prior written consent. Any charges and expenses incurred by Alpha Grooming Products for cancellation of their order will be the responsibility of the customer.


Sales Tax

Since Alpha Grooming Products is located in the beautiful state of Kentucky, our governmental authorities demand that we collect sales tax of 6.0% from any entity located in the bluegrass state that will use the product in some form or fashion. If you plan on distributing our products, then a formal distribution contract must be engaged, and a reseller certificate from the Kentucky Department of Revenue must be obtained before sales tax can be removed.

If you or your business is not located in Kentucky, you will not be charged sales tax. However, you are responsible for paying any applicable tax that is required from your state, county, or local municipality.

Product Images & Changes

We diligently attempt to display images that are as close to the real product(s) as possible, and we want you to “know what you’re getting” when you order from us. However, the coloring and physical attributes of some products may look slightly different in person than on the website. This is because there are a number of variables that we cannot control when it comes to displaying images on your computer screen (such as what type of monitor you are using and it’s color settings).

Also, we are constantly evaluating and testing our products for superior use, and we may make some small alterations (labels, clips, logos, etc) for improvement purposes. We will do our best to update the images on our website and in our catalogs in a timely fashion to display any significant changes. However, we may miss one or two from time to time (or are in the process of updating them when you order), and the item you receive may look slightly different than that on the website. We will do our best to not let this situation occur, but want you to know that any updates to our product will only be for the benefit the customer.

Price Matching

The product developers and product engineers at Alpha take great strides to develop products that are of superior quality, and are unique in their own way. The tools and products we develop are designed with longevity; efficiency; ergonomics, and overall value in mind, and they undergo rigorous testing before we launch them. We are confident about the overall value our products bring to our customers, and feel our pricing structure is on par with the quality and workmanship of our products. Therefore, we do not price match in any form or fashion with other brands.

Price Matching

The product developers and product engineers at Alpha take great strides to develop products that are of superior quality, and are unique in their own way. The tools and products we develop are designed with longevity; efficiency; ergonomics, and overall value in mind, and they undergo rigorous testing before we launch them. We are confident about the overall value our products bring to our customers, and feel our pricing structure is on par with the quality and workmanship of our products. Therefore, we do not price match in any form or fashion with other brands.

Manufacturer Warranties

Alpha Grooming Products develops, manufactures and sells high quality products, and each product sold by Alpha Grooming Products (or one of our distributors) is covered by a product-specific manufacturer’s warranty. These warranties are specific to each product and they cover workmanship and product performance for various lengths of time. If you have any questions about the warranty of any specific product, please feel free to contact us. All defective products are subject to a final inspection by Alpha’s Quality Assurance team for verification that failure is in workmanship and not consumer inflicted.

Defective Product Policy

We at Alpha Grooming Products want our products and services to astound you; to make you more efficient and profitable, and that can’t happen if they arrive defective. Therefore, if we have provided you with a product that contains a manufacturing flaw within it’s workmanship, we will gladly send you a replacement.

Every item that returns to our warehouse is inspected by our quality manager. If you return a product to us that is defective, and our inspection finds the item to be defective or damaged due manufacturing errors, we will send a new one out immediately and refund you the estimated cost of shipping the defective item to us.

If our inspection finds the defect could only be caused by customer misuse, you will be notified so that you may arrange re-delivery of your item, at your expense.

Returns & Exchange Policy

Any new, unused & resealable product returns/exchanges must be made within 30 days of delivery (please see below for list of non-returnable products). Any product damage due to shipping or handling errors must be reported within 3 days of receiving the product. If you have been shorted a product or received an incorrect item you must report this error within 3 days of delivery.

In order for any item to be returned customers must contact Customer Support via our toll-free number and request an authorized “Return Merchandise Request” (RMA) number. Request to return after 30 days of delivery may be deemed non-returnable. All returns must be insured, and are considered the customer’s property until received into our warehouse, inspected, and approved for credit. Unauthorized Returns will be refused. All returns are subject to management approval.  This process excludes any “closeout” type products, which are non-returnable as explained in a later section.

For exchanges, please be aware that the value of the item you are exchanging for must be of equal or greater value than the item(s) that are being returned. If your exchange order is not immediately placed, or the value of the items that you returned exceed the value of exchange order, the remaining refund due will be issued as Alpha Grooming Products credit or Gift Card (upon implementation). Credit or gift card can then be applied to future replacement order.

All returns and/or exchanges must follow under these guidelines:

  • All return/exchange requests must be completed within 30 days of delivery.
  • Items priced $20.00 or less may not be returned
  • Specially fabricated or custom ordered items may not be returned.
  • Opened Consumable Products (shampoo, etc) are non-refundable and not returnable.
  • Authorized returned in-stock products will incur a 20% restocking fee.
  • Exchanges of stock items will incur a 10% processing fee, plus the cost of shipping the exchanged item back to the customer.
  • Exchanges of special order items are authorized on a case by case basis and fees will range between 25% – 50%
  • Cancellations of in-stock items that have entered processing may incur a 10% fee.
  • Special order, custom & multiple Quantity returns, exchanges & cancellations will incur a 25% -50% fee (Management’s Discretion).
  • Un-Authorized returns/refused orders will incur a 50% return fee if accepted by management.
  • No portion of your original shipping charge is refundable. If you return an item that shipped with “Free Shipping” the amount Alpha Grooming Products paid to ship the product to you will be deducted from your credit.

Some products may be deemed non-returnable (see Un-Authorized Returns below).

Return/Exchange Terms & Conditions

By submitting a request for Return/Exchange of your items, you hereby agree:

  • Customer agrees to pay for the shipping of the items coming back to Alpha Grooming Products.
  • Customer is responsible for fully insuring (for the full purchase price) the items coming back to Alpha Grooming Products.
  • No portion of your original shipping charge is refundable.
  • If you return an item that shipped with “Free Shipping”, the amount Alpha Grooming Products paid to ship the product to you will be deducted from your credit.
  • No portion of your expense to ship the product back to Alpha Grooming Products is refundable. You will be charged for the shipping of the new item being sent to you.
  • You agree that if the item(s) is either damaged in transit (back to Alpha Grooming Products) or is deemed by Alpha Grooming Products not to be in good resell condition, that we have the right to refuse the package(s) and refuse the return. This determination is at the sole discretion of the management of Alpha Grooming Products.
  • Merchandise returned must pass inspection of the following criteria: original packaging, all parts, pieces & instruction manuals, and not fall under non-returnable items/conditions. If during inspection it is noted that an item has been installed, no refund will be issued.

When sending a package back to Alpha Grooming Products, please mark the RMA# on the outside of the box that you send the item(s) back in, please do not mark on the original manufacturer’s box.

Please ensure that you package your item(s) per the carrier’s guidelines, so if your package(s) is damaged in transit back to us, you will have a better chance of getting your freight claim accepted by the carrier you have chosen to send the item(s) back through. From past experience this is VERY important, because if the item(s) are refused by Alpha Grooming Products due to shipping damage, the only means for you to try to get your money back is through a freight claim with the carrier of your choice.

You have 10 days to return the product once you receive your RMA. After 10 business days, your assigned RMA will expire and your case will need be re-evaluated. A credit for your refund will generally be issued within 14 days of receipt of the return to our facilities. If returned goods are not received, no refund will be issued.

By submitting a request for a RETURN/EXCHANGE/CANCELLATION of your item(s), it is agreed that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions listed within this document.

Un-Authorized Returns

Please note that returning any product without an approved RMA is highly discouraged. Without an approved RMA your product may be refused, possibly misplaced or sent to the wrong receiving location. In the event your product is misplaced or sent to a wrong receiving location you will forfeit your opportunity for a refund and Alpha Grooming Products will not be held responsible for locating your product. If we do receive the un-authorized return, a 50% fee will be deducted from your refund.

Non-Returnable Items/Conditions

Not all items or products are returnable. Consumable items (such as shampoos, lotions, etc.) and special order items are non-returnable. Discontinued/Closeout items are non-returnable. Alpha Grooming Products will not accept returns on any of the following:

  • Any Installed/Attempted to be Installed or Used Item.
  • Unsealed Health, Hygiene & Personal Use Items.
  • Unsealed Chemicals & Cleaning Products.
  • Any items that have been abused or left outside for a period of time.
  • Any product damaged by customer.
  • Repair/Replacement Parts.
  • Scratch & Dent items that were sold as such.

Closeout, Discontinued, and Scratch & Dent Item Policy

Sometimes we may sell Closeout, Discontinued, and Scratch & Dent items on our website or over the telephone. This is a great way for people to save a little money if cosmetic blemishes do not bother them. All Closeout, Discontinued, and Scratch and Dent products will be tested and sold in working order, regardless of their appearance. These items are primarily products that have been either discontinued, previously returned by other customers, or items that have been slightly damaged in our warehouse and can no longer be sold as new. These products may have some cosmetic flaws such as scratches, nicks, dings, dents or they are products that may have been refurbished.

Each item listed as Scratch and Dent, Discontinued, or Closeout will specify in short detail as to it’ condition within the product description. These products may not be in their original packaging materials. Scratch & dent items are limited and on a first come-first serve basis. Scratch and dent items are sold as is and are non-returnable.

Shipping & Customer Inspection

All products shipped by Alpha Grooming Products are shipped F.O.B., via UPS, USPS or FedEx, with the exception of some large special-order items that require LTL service or personal pickup. If a request made by you, the customer, causes a shipment delay, or if Alpha Grooming Products ships or delivers the products erroneously as a result of inaccurate, incomplete or misleading information supplied by the customer, storage and all other additional costs and risks shall be borne solely by customer. If by any means a delay or mis-delivery is our fault, we’ll own up to it and try to make it right.

If shipping damage is noticeable upon receipt of the package, please do not accept the package from the shipping carrier. Refusing to accept a package from UPS, FedEx, or USPS is a pretty big chore these days, as they’ve turned into “shipping ninjas” and tend to disappear before you can utter one syllable. Regardless, if possible, please do not accept damaged packages. We’re by no means advocating tackling the delivery driver as he is running back to his van…they don’t like that too much.

If your order was delivered via oversized LTL delivery, and you notice damage on the product’s shipping carton at the time of delivery, you MUST either refuse delivery or sign for the delivery as damaged. If you sign for and accept the delivery without noting damage, items cannot be returned for refund.

The customer should inspect the products for any defects (including: nonconforming products, product damage, order shortages, errors in shipping, or otherwise) within three (3) days of delivery, and either reject in writing or accept all or a portion of the products. After such (3) day period, you shall be deemed to have irrevocably accepted any products not previously rejected or accepted. After acceptance, you shall have no right to reject the products for any reason whatsoever or to revoke acceptance. You hereby agree that such (3) day period is a reasonable amount of time for such inspection, acceptance or rejection.

Product Installation & Installation Damage

We manufacture and/or distribute a few products that require installation by either professional electricians, carpenters, plumbers, or a combination of such. It is the responsibility of the customer to choose a licensed, reliable and reputable installer when installing such products. Everyone has that special cousin who thinks he can do “everything”, then ends up with a few extra pieces when it’s all said and done – trust us, don’t use him.

In the event a product is damaged by an installer, or the product is improperly installed, Alpha Grooming Products is not responsible for any damage to the product, or any area surrounding such product, and no refund will be issued.

Delivery Address Change

Changing the delivery address of an order once it is in the processing stage (and especially when it is in the shipped stage) can be challenging, time consuming, and oftentimes impossible. It’s about like trying to find out the number of licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop. So to offset our the cost of tracking packages down and re-processing the orders, we have implemented a small fee that will be incurred for any requests for address changes once an order is processed.

We don’t like for anyone to be out additional costs, so to keep from being charged a delivery address change fee, we recommend you make every effort to enter the correct delivery address as you are entering your order. If a change does need to be made after the order is placed, and it is possible to be accomplished, a $15 General Shipping Fee or $35 LTL delivery address change fee will be charged (dependent upon which service was used). This fee will be waived if you are able to replicate 3 times in a row, within our office, the precise number of licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop.

Tracking Information

Shipments sent via UPS, USPS or FedEx will receive tracking information via their respected carrier, and we will forward that information to the email address listed on the order if it is made readily available to us. Sometimes it takes a little while for us to receive this information from our shipping software, so please wait 1 FULL business day after placement of order prior to calling regarding tracking information.

Timeliness Policy

Our desire at Alpha Grooming Products is to have happy, efficient, profitable customers. Therefore, we make every attempt to ship every order as quickly as possible so that you can start using our products. However, there is no way that we can guarantee any delivery times, as there are many factors involved. So if your product requires a professional installer, please do not schedule their services until you have your product(s) in hand.

Shipping Methods

Alpha Grooming Products currently utilizes USPS, UPS, and FedEx to ship the majority of our products. Some of our larger products (tubs, tables, etc) require the use of an LTL (Freight) provider, and selection of the provider varies depending on the destination, pricing, and availability. In the future, we may try to mimic and purchase a fleet of drones to deliver for us. That’s highly unlikely, but if it does happen, we’ll update our terms and conditions accordingly.

Shipping Outside United States of America

Alpha Grooming Products typically does not sell or ship products outside the United States. We may venture up into Canada in the future (“eh,”)…but we’re not quite there yet. In the event Alpha Grooming Products does approve to ship an order outside the United States the customer will be responsible for all shipping charges, fees, and various inspections required. The customer will also be responsible for any taxes, tariffs & duties involved in shipping the order. Orders that ship to addresses outside of the continental 48 states will ship via either USPS or UPS, and may take up to 60 days to reach the delivery address. Due to the length of time it takes to get to the customer, no refund or replacement order will be issued for suspected missing or lost orders until after 60 days from the date the order shipped.

Backorder Shipping Policy

Alpha Grooming Products reserves the right to ship backorder items by any means available. We may even try a carrier pigeon one day if the package is light enough. That too is highly unlikely.

Partial Order Shipping Policy

Unless specified otherwise, all orders are held for one full shipment.

LTL Storage

If you are unable to accept delivery of your LTL/Freight shipment, the LTL Company may temporarily store your order for you. It is highly advised that you make immediate arrangements for the delivery of your order. LTL storage is not negotiated prior to delivery and additional fees will be incurred due to this. Alpha Grooming Products will provide you a quote with the fees associated with this service and you will be billed if such service is requested.

Re-Box Fee

If you are returning a product back to Alpha Grooming Products, please do NOT write directly on the manufacturers box (Herbie has a cow when that happens). Writing directly on the manufacturer’s box will result in a minimum $25 re-box fee and will be deducted from your refund. Those funds may then be used to offset the cost of Herbie’s anti-anxiety medications.

Your Consent

By using our Web site, you consent to the collection and use of the information explained in our Privacy Policy by Alpha Grooming Products (see for more information). We do everything in our power to protect your privacy, and we do not share any of your personal information. Any future changes will be posted to our privacy policy if they should arise. The only information we collect that is not related to your order is click trails, and entry point web address, and we use this information solely to help us create a better user experience for you in the future. Under no circumstances do we disclose it to anyone other than the Alpha Grooming Products marketing team. This site may contain links to other sites. Alpha Grooming Products is not responsible for any of the information contained within other web sites.

Applicable Law

By purchasing products from Alpha Grooming Products you agree that Kentucky state law will govern any disputes, or litigation if such instances arise. Any such events requiring litigation or dispute resolution will be settled within the city of Owensboro, in Daviess County, Kentucky.

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