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Alpha Grooming Products, LLC

AXL 3'' Belly Band

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Look, it's no secret. Manufacturing is screwed up across all industries and supply chains for materials are an all time cluster. Many of you have been asking when the Belly Band System would be back in stock and the arrival date has been pushed around constantly. But! We have an option for those who can't wait any longer.

We are selling a limited run of belly bands in black. It includes the 3'' band and the adjustable buckle/snap (or as we call it, the "upper"). The rest of the info is the same that you already know:

  • Developed to help groomers keep the animals they are grooming in a standing position while they are being bathed and groomed.
  • Includes one adjustable buckle/snap and one 3'' strap (the perfect middle ground between the small dog strap and the large dog strap)
  • Crafted from a chew-resistant and WATERPROOF material known as Biothane. It helps keep water away from the coat and keeps groomers from having to continuously go back and re-dry the area in which the harness is placed.
  • With sturdy, mil-spec buckles on each side, the groomer can unlatch and hold one side while using a forced-air-dryer, making the job of drying much more efficient.