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Alpha Loop 2.0


Alpha Loop 2.0


(2 customer reviews)

The updated and improved version of our beloved grooming loop–the original grooming loop made with Biothane.

  • Soft, Leather-like material known as Biothane that provides comfort for animal
  • Flat lay with Heavy-duty stitching with tested break strength of over 500lbs.
  • Stainless Steel adjustable slide and o-ring (Click Here to Watch Video)
  • More chew resistant that traditional grooming loops.
  • Heavy Duty Nickel-plated brass snap hook
  • Easily sanitized with a quick wipe down from a cloth and disinfectant spray

Warranty Info:

  • 1 Year Coverage on the hardware
  • 30 Days Chew-Through Coverage; one replacement


Introducing the Alpha Loop 2.0!  This loop is the new and improved version of the beloved loop that we launched to the public in 2013. Here are the facts:

Since releasing our first loop in 2013 (the original made from Biothane), we’ve never had someone want a refund.  That’s something we take pride in! However, like with anything, there were still issues with those first loops. After a period of time, the coated rope would occasionally find itself slipping out of the clamps. This was the only problem that our clients had, but they still loved them and always wanted a replacement sent (which we always did for FREE); they never asked for anything other than another loop to be sent!

So we listened!

The new loop is now made from a different form of Biothane. It is softer and more leather-like; adding even more comfort for the pet. We switched out the rope version and steel clamps from the original design and used a flat form that is held together via heavy duty stitching with a tested strength of over 500lbs. Other than that, it’s the same trusted loop with the same facts!

  • Repels Water
  • Deflects dirt
  • Odor resistant
  • More chew resistant that traditional grooming loops.
  • Hand-Made in USA

2 reviews for Alpha Loop 2.0

  1. Rachel (verified owner)

    Love the fact that they don’t stay damp, so I can leave it on the dog from the tub to the table. Definitely a sturdy, quality product and would highly recommend.

  2. Karla (verified owner)

    LOVE this loop. It’s my everyday essential. I just it for each dog at every step of the process from the tub to the dryer to the table. I originally purchased this due to the pandemic, since it’s easy to disinfect unlike the old cloth/ nylon ones I would use. Plus when drying with this the water come right off so it won’t keep the dogs neck soaked like the other ones.

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